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Quality Policy

At Abhitex International, quality is not an act, it is a habit. It is an integral part of the group's day-to-day chores. This revered activity begins with the purchase of the best possible raw materials, and is consistently applied throughout the manufacturing process with the help of qualified professionals and avant-garde technology.

The group is ISO 9001 certified by International Organization for Standardization.

The quality has been important to the end product user, whether an individual or an organisation.


Quality can be defined as a combination of the characteristics or properties of a product which make a product usable. The extent to which a product successfully serves the purpose of the user during usage is called its "fitness for use". Therefore the quality of all products may be described in terms of whether the products are fit for use or not. Fitness for use in the most widely used concept of quality and is determined by those features of a product that a user can recognize as beneficial. Fitness for use should be judged from the consumer's point of view and not from either the manufacturer or sellers perspective. We are having various inhouse Departments to ensure the Quality of Products manufactured at abhitex.



The Group's in-house laboratory is well equipped with testing machines on AATC standards. Tests are conducted for color-and lightfastness, dyeing, shrinkages, PH check, tensile strength and tearing strength etc so that each product produced should meet the most stringent quality standards preset by its clients.



Progress comes to those who train and train; reliance on secret techniques will get you nowhere." Working on this principal, the company regularly conducts in-house training to ensure peak efficiency, manufacturing excellence and to keep its employees abreast of the latest trends in manufacturing and management practices.



It is extremely important for us to know that all points along our sourcing, manufacturing and distribution network comply with the most rigorous industry standards. Below you will find details of our certifications and their affiliated bodies.

ISO 9001:2008